Why I do not answer my phone unless I know who’s calling

The other day, for some reason I broke this rule of not answering unless I know who is calling, by answering a call from a 905 number, which proved to be a wrong number.

The rate of unknown callers increased in the last couple of days, including additional calls from new numbers. All of which 905 area code phone numbers.

This is what happens when I indicate openness to answering calls other than from people I know. I answer a wrong number call from an unknown 905 number, and the rate of wrong calls from 905 numbers rises.


It would be delusional to think you could get the data to sustain that my perspective on the matter could be delusional, unless there is a pressing reason to look into it. For example, conspiracy (5 years) to harass (10 years max).

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Vulnerablity to involuntary recruitment

It would be good to have some good indicators on such risks.


Presumably, particularly nefarious types are likely to obtain them in advance of those without such┬ánefarious inclinations. So … in the context of anti-brainwashing curriculum, what might this mean for target audiences to not be missed in certain aspects of educational materials or concepts which may be marketed to educators?


Proximate factors inclusive of neurotechnological origins of involuntary recruitment should also be addressed.

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Poetic justice for AGW denialism via betting markets?

Someone should start a sea level betting market.

Samoans and others can take positions which will pay out around the time they start to flood. Thanks to widespread ignorance in the largest economy in the world, this should provide a readily accessible means to insure against their losses.

All that is needed is a financial intermediary that can be relied upon over the relevant timeframes.


(In the event that Pacific Islands do not get overrun by rising seas, I do not imagine that Pacific Islanders would bemoan their financial losses which can only occur if their homes are not taken by the sea.)

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Towards criminalization of dissent and truth talking, for practical purposes. A.k.a., the pathway to the master/slave race


There’s a congenital genetic defect in their family that causes them to call bullshit and speak truth to power in post-hunter-gatherer times of tyranny and abuse.

A most rare breed.

Just look at one of them, and you’ll catch a mental disease worse than AIDS.

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Some imagery to promote a project






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Differing shades of hypothetical in good/bad payday loan presentations

Some people defend payday loans on the premise that people know best for themselves. I like this thinking. But compare two hypothetical scenarios.

Hypothetical scenario 1:
a) Guy orders drink at bar with last money, b) Guy goes to get Payday loan, c) Guy drinks the rest of the money away, and d) Guy enter into impossible cycle.

Hypothetical scenario 2:
– involves some unlikely and rare scenario where you already have a job but somehow cannot keep it unless you get more money. Much use of creative thinking or willingness to rest on purely abstract principles required.

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Another way to describe the end of independent aerospace capacity among most of the wealthiest and most advanced nations

A unified fighter jet platform.


Means we are toothless if you (USA) decide so on a timeframe of 20 years not 1 or 5.

Anyways, all I need to know is the sales pitch. It’s really a “get in or …” kind of sales pitch. Which leaves me looking for the middle finger.

French has always been kinda cool anyways.

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Female judges interrupted more often than male judges; female judges do less interrupting

On the US Supreme Court, Women have made up an average 24% of the bench over the past 12 years, and while 32% of all interruptions were of women, only 4% were by them. Surprising no women anywhere.

More at Quartz

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A certain form of puppet training (horse breaking) at the micro-neuro level

A distraction every time you try to do something … once you start, and then if you just “turn off” and let the computer take over (a la BCI), then the thing will progress rapidly.

Who knows with how much of what kind of BS. The BCI has taken over.

But what you know is that things progress much more quickly.

Similar to death-by-a-thousand-cuts strategies, eventually you are supposed to stop thinking for yourself and let the BCI take over. It will mostly use a library trained on your previous speech and thoughts, so very possibly, since you’ve basically “turned off” (had beaten out of you) your own autonomous thinking, you probably won’t even notice. Especially since various bland witticisms combined with smiley, happy, satisfied or “powerful” feelings will persuade you of your genius.

And when you find out you did a shit job? Don’t worry, the machine trained algorithms based on the library of your known speech and thoughts will push the perfect comeback line through your head.

Puppet puppet puppet puppet!

First slow you down, and then take credit for things being faster when the treatment stops.

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“Authoritarianism” should not get credit for catchup growth

“Authoritarianism” should not get credit for catchup growth.

If that does not make sense to you, read up about the Solow Model and variants thereof. If you do not understand the Solow Model (nearly the simplest possible presentation of how growth occurs in the long run), then you will not understand the relevance.


Say, China growing from $300 annual income per capita to $10,000 annual income per capita, at a time when many other countries had per capita income many many times higher, is not evidence that countries that are already at $50,000 annual income per capita have anything to learn from the Chinese.

Of course, it would be absurd, a priori, to think that we have nothing to learn from the Chinese. Just, on this subject, really probably not much at all. Probably very close to zero. After all, we’re still 5 times richer than them (per capita). So why would we think they have anything to teach us? Certainly not humility, for example.

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