An easy and low-cost strategy to reduce STDs and teenage pregnancy

Previously, Hollywood et al. came under scrutiny for the amount of smoking in movies. I think there should be some requirement that films which portray a certain number of sex acts which are not classified as erotic films should be required to show the couple using a condom, or in the case of a long-term relationship, some alternative planning.

The only excuse to show unprotected sex in non-erotica films should be that the characters are planning to have a kid.

Does this go too far? All they’d have to do is show a 1 second clip of someone opening the package. For the benefit of spontaneity, something like 50% of acts with an allowable limit of several unprotected indiscretions should be permitted. Other alternatives like a 30s scene to hit up the pharmacy for morning after pills could be another alternative

While youth can always be reminded that there is lots and lots of time left to have lots of sex at some later date, when unprotected sex can be assumed to be the norm in entertainment, excessively high STD rates and excessively high rates of unwanted pregnancies and teenage abortions could be the result.

Better to get at root causes. This regulation is not needed, but it would be beneficial. Any good counterarguments? Or what, will it spoil the moment in the movie?

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