How to get a more informed electorate with regard to foreign issues

Canadians should open up the constitution to directly elect a president whose sole responsibility is to deal with foreign relations. This will contribute to Canadians being more informed with regard to foreign affairs, which should contribute to the selection of true statesmen in representing the panopoly of Canadian values and interests in such a capacity.

The representative role of prime minister as leader of the largest band of representatives of voices from constituencies across the country, should be more like a role of “top administrator”, to work closely with experienced bureaucrats, experienced executive management, as it were, with final calls to come through democratically elected voices. Traditional roles in appointing cabinet, senate positions, judges, etc., may as well stay fairly similar. However, I think these roles should be defined more explicitly in a manner so as to prevent their abuse.

Do we really need to put those rules on paper?

The events of the last 8 years suggest that probably yes, we do. Next time around, things might not go quite so smooth.


This is based on the principle that an informed electorate is a pre-requisite to democracies not being so likely to fight unnecessary wars. That itself, of course, is contingent on their ability to make extensive use of critical thinking, and to be resilient in the face of the massaging of minds and ideas when certain forces strive to tilt us in such directions.

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