Reporting illegal and/or unethical behaviours is not the same thing as participating in orchestrated (and/or automated) lynch mobs

Being in personal possession of actionable information regarding unethical and/or illegal activities and being the type of person who is fairly likely to follow through on that in most practically sensible situations (at times referred to as a ‘tattle tale’ or ‘snitch’) is substantively different from a predisposition to go around harassing, slandering and/or participating in organized stalking of any person any time for any reason that pops into one’s head.

The first of these has long been promoted through education, media and other social institutions, and is traditionally considered as a bulwark of upholding a rights-respecting and generally law-respecting society. The second of these is not only liable to be hostile to various freedoms, and is not only problematic due to the possibility of a normalization of people deriving their sense of self-respect by shitting on other people — in many cases, it may itself constitute criminal acts worthy of actionable attention of policing and/or legal authorities.

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