Permutations and combinations of speech to evade monitoring is dumb

Trying to circumvent governmental analysis of speech communications by partial and progressive modulation of sub-syllable parts of language, specifically for the purpose of saying things which must be said but in a manner intended to fool computer analysis of speech, is dumb.

Aside from the fact that technologies which have existed for some years (or, a person with time) are fairly likely to eventually decode one’s intended communications regardless, the practice is tantamount to terrorism for the implicit demonstration that one should be fearful if critical of individuals, entities and/or capacities existing within the state.

(It should be additionally noted, some years too late for some, perhaps, that being manipulated toward habituation of such practice while communicating via mobile phone has high riskĀ of interception via StingRay-like devices with modelled permutations potentially forwarded to those hostile to freedom, regardless of a) the intent of the original interceptors, and b) whether in the hands of those in the employ of the state.)

While respecting diverse sensitivities existing in the world is a sensible thing, do not project fear by encoding what should be explicit.

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