Reasons to believe that something is worth getting in on

The option to fully self-censor and pre-full-information fight to be at the front lines while war notionally looms is encouraged under such terms.

In the meantime, any pretense that something really matters to someone, any any one, as an excuse for continued (and indeed continuous) and/or varied means of interrogation.

If one ever did speak of some third party while not in their presence (in particular without willingly self-reporting any content as may be viewed as directed in some manner critical toward them), then this as legitimizing any manner of (or content in) speaking slanderously and/or as intended psychological attack, for example toward manipulatively promoting deterrence against noting the above and/or other.

Any information to be willingly shared with the person in such a situation, and then presented as helpful and moreover a reason to ‘get in’, but not until it is beyond clear that you already know it (regardless of whether in fact true).

Any excuse to promote acceptance of pervasive monitoring.

Any excuse to do nothing about it (while promoting to self-censor completely), while attempting to enforce to accept or participate in doing similarly to others.

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