Risk of attending un-pre-scripted event through the roof

What do you do when someone who arrives in some town is at risk of attending an event on an insufficiently pre-scripted basis? I.e., where they may attend an event, and the set of predicted-as-most-likely A/B options (or most-predicted black/white oppositions for brainwashing or programming purposes) for possible social interactions has not yet been mapped out in a ‘satisfactory’ manner?

Among other approaches, it may be possible to arrange for them to depend upon some particular means of arriving at the event, and then orchestrate for that means of mobility to become unavailable after the time that would make it too late to access alternative means of mobility.

In the meantime, this would tend to increase the amount of time (and thus resources) available to prepare for manipulations and scripting of other possible social interactions.


(Moreover, experimental plays towards use of reverse and/or double reverse psychology are liable to be applied toward prevention of noting down the general and/or specific natures of such social and mental enslavement-directed orchestrations.)

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