Do everything in a regulated manner or they will figure you out

Everyone does things in their own sort of way. This enables to observe, mine data on, predict psychology and attempt to manipulate them using observed habits, patterns, preferences, dislikes, etc.

In order to evade such efforts to model the behaviour, psychology, thinking, etc. of one’s self, one may be advised to do all things in a highly regulated manner. In the meantime, stimuli leading to one or more of such regulated outcomes will be safely stored in a secure databank where the information can be used to protect you just in case anyone ever tries to use it to manipulate you. For example, some crazy people might have some crazy ideas like maybe acting in some unregulated manners at times, and the availability of the aforementioned information could assist in upholding a normalization of everything being highly regulated.

This could ultimately prevent the need to manipulate people’s psychology because everyone will be acting and thinking in a highly regulated manner, thereby safeguarding their individuality, personhood and independence.

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