Reporting active crimes is not the same as pre-broadcasting the desire to find any possible negative about a person and then speak widely and regularly about it

Some people have difficulty discerning between the two following statements:

1) If I have specific information about a crime, for example and in particular a violent crime in progress, I will with 100% certainty call the police (or God forbid set the camera or other recording and/or communications devices down for long enough to intervene directly). (“I will fuck you”)

2) Whenever I your vicinity, I intend to hunt out any possible negatives which may be asserted about your history and/or probingly tailored toward your psychology in order to spread negativity about you and engage in calculated psychological hostilities. (“I will fuck you”)

Having difficulties seeing what’s in common? Perhaps any-Maybe-Stalin, in particular orchestrators of modern day Zersetzung, would be extremely forthcoming in explanation?

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