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Some metals linked to certain organic molecules in 1, 2 and 3D frameworks have properties that enable them to easily capture and hold on to water molecules. This can be as high as up to 80% of weight for the molecules studied in this paper. Different types of “metal-organic frameworks” (MOFs) have previously been used for their ability to hold on to other non-water types of molecules.

(For an idea of how cheap the material cost could become if there is ultimately high demand for the product, one could consider the bulk prices of this MOF listed at Alibaba which is copper hydroxide, at a cost of $1 a kg. I have no idea what copper hydroxide is used for.)

As opposed to other ways of extracting water from air, the MOF approach may be operable simply with exposure to sunlight, making the cost of materials much cheaper by skipping the solar-electricity conversion process. Potentially, at prices that will be negligible for non-industrial applications.

Due to current efforts by synthetic telepathy operators to interfere with thinking processes in order to then take credit for “assistance” in locating some specific figures to do some arithmetic and multiplication (while surely inseminating unwanted and generally Stalin-esque thinking), (insert alternative lame conclusion here).

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