Population-level on-call informal army to be enlisted in psychological operations against any individual

Jeff Rense, in opening the June 2017 discussion of how to define “Gang stalking” (a term that Eric Karlstrom resists in favour of more accurate terms which identify roles of criminal factions operating within certain parts of the state):

“Dozens and dozens of people in your community, if you happen to be a targeted individual, can be enlisted toward all manner of psychological operations against you, your family, your life, your job, whatever it may be. And these people, in many cases, actually, are tricked into thinking that they’re helping the government and the country against subversives. … It’s an irregular army of gang stalkers who are enlisted and then drafted and then given a TI to go after.”

He summarizes the objective in a few words: “To psychologically destroy the individual”, and also cites a more extreme statement as “to destroy every aspect of a person’s life”.

The video can be accessed here.

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