The level of freedom that people in 2037 will have if we do nothing

Non-standard-issue thinking processes to be blocked, while purporting assistance in the form of enforcing to think in a regulated manner at the level of how you do your arithmetic.

A library of approved thought, and the immediate shutting down of cognitive activity against those who consider to think outside of the library of approved thought, until their non-standard thinking processes which are more difficult to monitor and remotely program can be whipped, cajoled and beaten into shape in order to prevent the possibility of other-than-preapproved thought.

The same to be applied to all forms of thought.

And, most especially, those whose brains do not operate in the standardized manner to be re-learned and re-learned again until they either remove themselves from social evolution or accept ways of thinking that are amenable to standard-issue micro-control over their neural function.


I.e., the complete mental enslavement of humanity.

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