How to help a project go forward

In order to ensure that a project can progress in a satisfactory manner, first sabotage any efforts which are inconsistent with nano-management according to one’s specific objectives which valuate other participant’s views or interests at precisely zero except to the extent that knowledge of those things may assist with the nano-management if/when they ultimately tire of the micro-implemented sabotage.

For example, if any thought processes may be detected which are not a) thoroughly consistent with Stalinist objectives or b) primarily viewed as quaint worthless oddities which may potentially be tolerated (i.e., made the object of suppression via neuroweapons) for some interim period, then it would be necessary to generally sabotage any efforts of such individual(s) on the project until correct thinking could be achieved.

In case of the possibility that potential participants may prefer to be involved in other projects, or in case current participants may instead turn to other projects, the necessity to cultivate means of sabotaging alternative projects may become evident.

In the case that project participants are lacking in sufficient confidence to accept such levels of nano-management, effectiveness of reassurances can be developed via focus grouping processes until participants in such projects (to be defined and/or redefined on an ongoing ad hoc and/or pre-planned manner) have an adequately believing and especially willing attitude regarding the ability to nano-win by being nano-managed until they are able to nano-manage them-unselves in an acceptable manner.


Similarly, if you do exactly as I tell you at all times and places, then you will be powerful.

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