Earning some extra cash in 1997 vs. 2017

1997 process to earn some extra cash. Sign up with temp agency for … whatever … some work. Start work within the day or week. Alternatively, print off a few CVs, go for a walk, literally just walk into any place with a “help wanted” sign and be employed on the spot or within the day.

2017 process to earn some extra cash. Send out hundreds or thousands of applications (not in person please) including registering with very numerous employment agencies, but only obtain replies for positions which either do not in fact exist or which require additional psychometric or other screening requirements that you only learn about after submitting all your data.

Apparently the job markets are similarly strong in 1997 and 2017. But either that is complete bullshit and some mirage of statistics, or, someone is royally fucking with me to prevent even the tiniest opportunity from coming to fruition. Or, both.

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