Macho macho man … : female edition

Teaching people that using and abusing them is a problem that will cause them to be weak.

For example, if a girl or women is “taught” that another person (such as a man) using and abusing her body, mind or spirit is a bad thing, this will make her weak. For example, this may cause her to cry if someone perpetrates such abuse.

To protect people from such ills, desensitization to and regularization of diverse forms of mental and physical abuse should be undertaken to make them stronger. For example, this sort of help can be administered by narrations related to sexual violence, and expressions of anger towards those who taught that there was some wrong thing about that.

“Being stronger” is when people use and abuse your body, mind and spirit, and you not only do nothing for yourself but try to enforce that others do the same.


(PS: As a line of direct and/or indirect questioning, it is unambiguously hostile for the fact of obviously belonging to a package of interrogation and potentially serving as input for various forms of coercive persuasion, aka, brainwashing.)

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