People suck 2017. A.k.a., reasons for words like “Sovietesque”

New roommate. Located above. Low expectations. Expectations not exceeded.


Except, that (the timing of) this new neighbour of the same ethnic background as the landlord has been temporally associated with the landlord and her son apparently demonstrating belief that it is OK to monitor tenant’s online activities. (They may be unclear on the difference between, say, a) visiting some publicly available writings of a person or b) periodic general account overview, as contrasted with c) actively monitoring the online activities of a person. The EFF primer on metadata is illustrative of how problematic this could be, and could help to understand why the general importance of this and related issues). Consuming public content or general account overviews are fundamentally different from spying on a person’s online activity. One of these things is fairly normal, the other in most cases criminal.

Specifically, yesterday afternoon, passing by my window and commenting “all we know is that he’s not online” (i.e., if I’m at home, I’m not online, so may or may not be at home – as a way to express about the monitoring my internet activities in a way that provides avenue for denial), and then a relative (who occupies one of the 5 apartments in the house) around pre-midnight commenting as he gets his laundry that he is monitoring my internet activities. (Pausing for the range of extremely plausible to extremely imaginative alternative explanations … all other than what what happened … )

Creepy as fuck (heavily promoted – by certain forces – as a precondition to basic survival these days), although thankfully in this case not accompanied by the outright hostilities oriented to carefully calculated and orchestrated psychological domination routinely perpetrated in the present era of relatively expansive Sovietesque practices.

I think this is because they disagree with some of my internet activities, partly related to having incomplete knowledge about precisely what all those activities might be. (Some bandwidth, often in the range of a full 5% or so of max speed on the network, is used outside of me accessing urls on the www.)

There seems to be a belief that the means to achieve the desired internet activity of people who rent is to position by windows or doors of tenants and comment disapprovingly (in basically a blackmail-oriented manner) about whatever is discovered by invasions of privacy and harassment related to internet usage which exceed that anticipated by law (contravening some numbers of laws in a non-negligible manner). I believe that this is mainly related to a belief that this online activity may be blackmailable on my part (I mean, if you don’t know, you don’t know … might just need to fully monitor someone on the possibility that you might come to know). This may not be entirely unrelated to a certain tendency not uncommon in the human species which appear more broadly manifest in 2017 than in 2007 or in 1997 which basically amounts to fucking with people if the belief is of low/no consequences.

Police action would be time consuming. And, there’s the matter that I would have to find a new place to live, which would be more time consuming yet, not to mention that in the presently constrained rental market there is not a very high probability of finding a better situation.


So … actually I would rather address this kind of thing directly to those who habituate to such acts. However, another one of the lovely things about mobbing culture of 2017 which royally blows, is that a disturbingly high share of people who do such things will then with immediate escalation or pretense to be oh-so-concerned make like you’re mentally ill and crazy if you seek to bring up the topic of their harassment perpetrated from nearby locations such as outside of doors and windows, etc.

It should be very strongly emphasized (regarding the broader situation) that such practices tend to deter/prevent reasonable independent resolution to a variety of situations — even among those with a good predisposition towards such reasonable and independent resolution –, as has historically occurred with some regularity by initiating direct and straightforward face-to-face talk of the non-hostile and solution-oriented variety. Or, for minor things, to just be able to have that short and sweet conversation of the type “There’s this thing I was wondering about … for reason … ” with potential replies such as “Thank for letting me know, I was unaware” or  “Oh, yeah, there’s a simple answer. … ”

Instead, there is unnecessary drama and divisionism.

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