“AI is destroying our free will …”

AI is destroying our free will. Replacing human curation with data-backed judgment narrows our perspective in a way that chokes our social and economic choices.

also …

When our choices are constrained to narrow trajectories of consumption, relationships, news, and products, we cease to see these possibilities and life paths. If we trade more and more choice for convenience, we shut out other people’s divergent points of view and rest in the comfort of our cluster. Following this trend to its natural conclusion would extinguish our culture of constructive debate; further divide and stratify our society across political, intellectual, and commercial lines; erode our empathy, social coherence, and loyalty to those fellow humans not in our trajectory; and stifle innovation borne of cognitive and behavioral diversity, as well as the tensions that come from ideas, preferences, and tastes colliding.

In the name of our environment, economy, and humanity, we can’t afford to risk these consequences. …

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