Torture is benevolence, designed to helpfully help victims to have opportunities to seek disclosure

Whoever mentions to you the existence of the contents of Chapter 1 or 2 of the standard texts or support materials related to some skills for a project being undertaken is extremely deserving of credit for such assistance, and for which reason one should repay such benevolence with a commitment to use such tools as being learned for the exclusive purpose of … whatever is desired by the benevolent helper who managed to inform of the presence of Chapter 1 or 2 beforeĀ an individual has sufficient time to arrive upon Chapter 1 or 2 in the absence of such benevolent support.

(For an analogy, consider that someone gives you directions to the corner store over at the nearby corner. This helpful assistance would then legitimize that the helpful helper should then be attributed rights (to be mandatorily internalized as correct and legitimate within one’s brain) to assist (mandatorily) at all times and in all ways, the reasons and timing for use of information such as the presence of a corner store at some nearby corner.)

This thankfulness should be particularly internalized in cases where the main cause of not finding Chapter 1 or 2 of introductory texts on your own was due to calculated distractions intended to support precisely this eventual effort to take credit for this discovery, and whereby to implant thankfulness with regard to that.

Moreover, if such manipulations are discovered, the reason shall be understood as benevolent efforts to helpfully help the otherwise helpless learner understand that some unfortunate souls are undergoing such treatments, which then enables the individual to take action.

Similarly, someone who had experienced fingernails being ripped out or screws driven up their thumbs should hold a thankful attitude towards the perpetrator of torture, due to the opportunity it affords them to seek potential means to take contrary action (but not until some future time when the benevolence of being introduced to Chapter 1 or Chapter 2 of introductory learning texts can be fully internalized as creditable to the perpetrator of torture).

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