Pain/reward stimuli responses have biophysical bases – therefore the robotic humanoid should welcome what potential they might be permitted within a system controlled on the basis of highly refined (data-intensive and) oppressive psychosocial control

Unedited reflections on efforts to induce robot-esque self image based on biophysical reality of pain/reward response, which I do not believe I have effectively addressed elsewhere:

Consistent with many hypnotic-related psychological warfare and brainwashing strategies, this in no small part revolves around promoting openness to suggestion (always in a way which dehumanizes or degrades the individual, regardless of whether some specific fixations or infatuations are used to suggest that habituation to following such suggestion would “get you what you want”).

The aspect of its having to involve acquiescence to a subservient attitude (which may be cased within an outwardly defiant attitude) towards WHAT EVER might control the technological means of string pulling is important for understanding which psychological stakes may be (or have been) at play. But, in a particular temporal context the specific aspect of promoting GENERIC OK-ness with subservience on the basis of there being a biophysical reality which underpins pain /reward systems, is interesting. (How widespread? Would such puppets be presumed of generic use-ability only in the geographical vicinity, or might others, allied or otherwise, be anticipated to enjoy use of such programmed robotic humanoids, on the occasion of their geographic relocation? Why, or what sort of basis(es) of apparent certainty, regarding apparent indifference to being “found out”?)


Presumably people who are less educated in related fields of study would respond to such a treatment with something to the effect of “I dunno, maybe I guess there’s something kind of to that, but obviously you’re supremely fucking with me, and that’s the part I know”.

However, when you have good understanding of what biophysical bases may underlie “robot training” or “pro-puppetry enforcement” that may be related to psychological persuasion – to serve as a robotic humanoid (human puppet) on the suggested rationale of that biophysical basis being real – the decision is more difficult. Clearly the perpetrator of such tortures who tries to justify them on such a biophysical basis has more opportunity to learn how to refine their tortures when tormenting those with ability to understand said biophysical bases of pain/reward response.

One may choose to eschew all additional related knowledge in order to reduce (i.e., not increase) the capacity of the perpetrator to inflict their mental tortures designed to enforce acceptance of ongoing mental programming being inflicted upon an individual. One may also choose to seek significant additional knowledge on the subject, to see if there might be some way out of the trap(s) being laid within one’s mind over months and years. (The middle ground of learning a bit, but not a lot, is also possible.)

Basically, this post is to try to communicate a sort of mental torture treatment which is intended to cause an individual to believe that the reality where there is a biophysical basis of pain/reward response, which is at play when one trains a dog or a horse, itself constitutes the reason that one should not only tolerate as not un-natural, but even WELCOME the treatment and acknowledge it as a legitimate and OK act. There is truthiness (and truth) about the assertion related to biophysical reality, and therefore it should be internalized as real, natural, proper, and something that you should be OK with, despite your new role as the de facto robotic humanoid who would presuppose an OK-ness with generalized dehumanization and non-self-control.

For example, you observe a squirrel come to where the food is. So there’s something biophysical there. And if you jump at it, it will run away. Therefore we are all sort of pre-programmed automatons responding to pain/reward stimuli. And not really human. Like, human, but more like robotic humanoids who, at the push of the right buttons, will basically do whatever are induced to do.

Without wanting to debate the specific biophysical aspects of this, which I remain only peripherally knowledgeable about, the particular point involves leveraging knowledge of the non-zero truth to there being a biophysical basis for pain/reward conditioning to affect decisions made by humans – and specifically, from there to promote the notion that such robotic humanoids, for example yourself, should naturally be OK with viewing themselves in this no-self-control robotic humanoid self conception.

At some point in the future, I would like to do a better job of trying to describe this particular type of dehumanizing torture in a way that is not readily appropriated for negative uses, but which may enable victims to sufficiently put words to such experiences, for example towards the prevention of such pro-puppetry mental tortures in the future.


If someone proposes anything to the effect of “you are a robotic-like humanoid, therefore it’s natural and OK for you to let me control you”, don’t buy that shit. 

(However, if someone knows you like a particular food (for example) and brings it to you with the stated or otherwise obvious intent to positively impact your day, the possibility of a general expectation of reciprocation (or perhaps you are then asked for a favour related to your specific skillsets or interests) even when they genuinely appreciate that you will enjoy that item … well, that’s just not the same thing as a trained torturer using neuroweapons to try to puppet you, is it?)

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