The power of a hyperlink. Creative Commons License peopleS by First Last is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Regarding the use of S, as in the case of peopleS: Any use whatsoever of an end-of-word capital S in the title or name of a product or any type of organization, and/or any use of this strategy to highlight a plural in a word, hereby renders the entire document and/or accompanying products (including appendices, accompanying data, gear intended to be purchased complementary to the saleS item, etc.) subject to the most recent rules and regulations established by the Creative Commons, or any commonly used replacement to the Creative Commons with the mission of ensuring the ability of individuals and organizations to ensure free access to certain intellectual materials for all generations to come, particularly in the digital realm. See addendum of Marginal Analysis of Economic FreedomS and Poverty for some examples of how this is intended to apply. Sneaky applications in small print could even take on viral effects, with the end result of everyone owning the ability to do anything if they put their minds to it. The goal is to make it possible to protect free access to your contribution to humanity and all derivative work(S) with a single character, on or off screen. In other words, such useS indicate that you want everyone to make use of your contribution to intellectual and creative development, so long as they are willing to ensure that their derivative knowledge and/or creative works are also free for others to borrow or build upon, regardless of whether the intent is to use the original (or ensuing) ideas to profit directly from the fruits of their own labour. (In the present license, a less restrictive license which permits commercial applications of derivative works is in place).

(Note: The text of this claim is subject to change without notice on the basis of my own ability to rewrite the “law” without you even really knowing because I am occupying this virtual space. Please keep that in mind (this problem can be fixed, of course), and have a thought about analogies to the democracy experienced by many today, as opposed to real democracy, where peopleS have fought, died and otherwise struggled for common rights to be knowledgeable about and participate in matters which directly influence one’s individual and/or group economic and political contexts. Good things take time: real democracy is a process worth the wait, but not worth waiting for.)

A potential marketing introduction could be something like this:

Mark the commitment to humanity held by you, your family, your company and your community. All it takes is the use of just one letter: the letter S. A peopleS revolution, safeguarding your knowledge and creative workS for everyone, forever.

Now keep your chops up folks :) Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

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