High quality argumentation: Pro-freedom edition

Serve as protector of non-bias, for example by filling the head with nothing in order to prevent thoughts which may be arrived at independently.

Seek to enforce black/white alternatives of abandoning a course of action or engaging in an orchestrated alternative.

Must subvocalize what is insisted to subvocalize, when insisted to subvocalize, or (in)voluntary interlocutor is biased.

You’re biased unless you agree that a future which is ignorant of some presently-valued thing implies that the presently valued thing is not to be valued.

Polar bears must be evaluated at zero worth or you’re biased.

Balanced presentation involves enforcement of exclusively sympathetic presentation of one perspective and elimination of sympathetic presentation from the other.

The general nature of a subject cannot be understood without seeking/identifying comparatively minor sub-items to fixate on. After which boxing in, to attempt to enforce black/white reasoning involving its representation as the sum, or sum value, of alternatives.

If everything can be boiled down to one or two fixations external to general groupings, then it will be easier to understand complex issues.

Repeatedly promote suicide (including with visual demonstrations) as alternative to thinking what told to think.

Failing to perform an ideological Turing test, on demand, for whatever subject is proposed means that you’re biased.

General unwillingness to consider the “What is it?” of a communication or subject, in preference for “How can I transform this into propaganda?”

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