Stockholm Syndrome programming: Any ‘push you down’, to then offer a hand up while implying the debt of gratitude that will bring return favours

For example, if someone’s trying to accomplish some particular thing, have some way to screw them up while they work on it – and then present oneself to save the day in some way that demeans the individual while promoting their habituation to dependence and/or belief of strong gratitude owed. Or maybe, just straight up orchestrate for someone to trip themselves into the dirt when they aren’t paying attention, then with a grand smile offer to help them up.

The return favours that could repay the debt of gratitude for being helped out of the mud, or to overcome barriers intentionally erected by others for such purposes, could be minor things — for example, internally complying with mandatory pre-disposition to accept and be grateful about such Stockholm Syndrome programming cycles of abusive degradation and faux benevolence. Such return favours could in some fortunate cases be particularly appreciable if the recipient of such benevolence can reassure their benefactor of their intent to “pass it on.”

Alternatively, some individuals may fail to learn or internalize the benevolence, and for which reason sufficiently repeated and varying cycles of abusive degradation and faux benevolence may be required until the individual achieves the ability to internalize their gratitude – or, if not gratitude, micro-compliance at the level of thought and action may suffice.

(P.S.: Any Stockholm Syndrome programming endeavours related to the origins of this post were of pure benevolence, exclusively for the purpose of assisting third parties to understand such situations better, specifically, by near-continuous efforts at Stockholm Syndrome programming, so that other people can be helped by getting the message of what it might be. And certainly, one might safely assume that any ongoing and/or future attempted Stockholm Syndrome programming, whether here and now or in any other time and place, can be interpreted in a similar light.)

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