Want to move somewhere so dirty that you can see the accumulated filth on your skin by afternoon?

The following logic may not apply well into the future, but I’ve long been relatively unconcerned about prospects that large numbers of highly educated, connected and/or competent individuals who have immigrated to Canada may respond to improving economic conditions in China by deciding to return to where they or their family came from.

The logic is this: China’s air is dirty. Canada is clean. If there are decent opportunities in both places, where do you want to live?

So, while many “overseas Chinese” may go back to China to explore business opportunities, meet some extended family, or even stick around for a year some time to try out that career or business venture, and the end of the day, who the hell wants to live in a place where your whole body is caked in non-dust filth every single day?

Well … many of the most populous urban areas in China¬†are getting cleaner, so that aspect of non-concern about (hypothetical) losses of significant human capital from Chinese who have emigrated to Canada is less relevant.

But, from the land where goats and cows still shit prolifically on public streets of basically everywhere including major cities (it doesn’t stay long because cow shit makes for good cooking fuel when mixed with some grass and dried out in cakes), check this out: Quartz reports on claims that breathing Delhi air is the equivalent of smoking 45 cigarettes a day.

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