Russian Facebook ads for polarization purposes (seeds of future revolution), or just to get someone Krelim-friendly into the Whitehouse?

Russian Facebook ads were aimed at Muslims and anti-Muslims, blacks and anti-blacks. Also, Clinton is the devil.

Quartz shows a number of images of ads bought by Russia-based entities prior to the 2016 US election.


Also, Reuters reports on Bank of Japan Governor’s publicly displayed non-concern for use of psychological and emotional profiling to predict policy positions and/or rationale related to key economic decisions.

I don’t know whether he’s actually worried (i.e., maybe it doesn’t matter that much, considering that it’s normally desirable for monetary policy to be predictable, so long as it is roughly equally so to all parties). But what can be observed is that someone is asking that question (what risks might there be from this kind of profoundly deep (and scientific) psychological profiling of public figures).

I do not see people vigorously querying such concerns in the West. Rather, mainstream media outputs seem more aligned with promoting marketing intentions which may arise from such content, accompanied with some notional innuendo (sometimes direct statements) of hypothetical concern. “COOL COOL COOL COOL COOL … oh yeah, and maybe Big Brother something something … but COOOOOL! (And also, you simply cannot stop progress.)” For example, Reuters reports that the Governor “laughed off concerns”, and also was not the origin of that question having been asked, and then mentions a Microsoft product that you can buy.

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