Xiaoxing Li, physics professor at Temple University

Re: events of 2015, from a video available through EFF’s Facebook page. He mentions targeting of Asians, and of the scientific community, as particularly troublesome.

– “had never done research that involved sensitive, classified or protected information, or export-controlled technology”

– “the government has never told us the reason that it decided to target me”

– “was pursued as a national security case … and then became a criminal case”

– “to pick bones out of an egg” (Chinese saying)

– “use these tactics (for violent criminals) [parentheses added], and designed to inflict maximum psychological damage, against me and my family, without a thread of truth in their allegations”

– “this sudden strike was bad enough to crush anybody, but the stress day-in day-out would accumulate and sometimes become almost unbearable.” … “go through roller coasters of emotions, consumed by … anguish, defiance and also scared. It was really a nightmare that I do not want to see any innocent American go through.”

– “they undermine people’s confidence in America’s legal system. They endanger the liberty we cherish so much in our country, and tell you here, and the work my fellow panelists are doing, is important to prevent any innocent American from becoming the next innocent target of American government surveillance.”

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