Highlights from a trip to the #1 learning centre in the country, for an event about non-violent approaches to addressing conflict

1) Democracy is totalitarianism because there are (social) classes. (The male who made the statement approached the female presenter afterwards, diving with little interruption into questions of misogyny.)

2) Democracy is when everyone I disagree with or don’t like the look of is gone. After which point, that democracy may be sufficiently acceptable.

An additional highlight on the return trip included a blonde haired male and a long haired male, who responded to the statements that a) France did not want to be ruled by Germany and b) an extended period of bombing of London occurred prior to the return of hostilities against the aggressor. Their response was comprised of “directed conversation” which amounted to threatening to follow a person to their house in order to be able to arrange for them to be mugged.

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