A ban on monkey and gorilla images for underage youth could promote inter-group harmony

Not only is teaching evolution to children offensive to the sensibilities of some Christian communities, it also brings many pictures of monkeys and gorillas into the situation.

This presence of visualizations of monkeys and gorillas establishes the possibility of comparison of other people with monkeys or gorillas. For example, some populations tend to have broader noses or flatter foreheads than other populations.

Without the point of comparison with monkeys and gorillas, it would never cross anyone’s mind that the group with flatter noses and foreheads were on average relatively more monkey-like (or in fact gorilla-like) in appearance with regard to this matter of nose and forehead flatness (for example, as opposed to being in the opposite direction of, say, rounder, narrower or larger).

Therefore, for cultural harmony between diverse groups, children should not be exposed to these damaging images of monkeys and gorillas which tend to potentiate racist views due to the fact of some groups having relatively flatter noses and foreheads, and the point of comparison with monkeys and gorillas presenting the likelihood of one or more groups being the object of said comparison due to questions of observable nose and forehead flatness differences.

There is some additional possibility that preventing children’s exposure to monkey and gorilla images could also help to counter anti-semitism, in consideration of the observation that those who have the appearance of placing strong emphasis on relatively flatter noses and foreheads to draw conclusions about barbarity or intelligence, are also extremely highly over-represented among those with strongly negative attitudes (at times of homicidal proportions) towards another group, whose noses, as opposed to the gorilla-association-inducing flatter noses and foreheads, tend to have larger and pointier noses than most European or Asian populations (with the percentage of women in this second group being highly over-represented among those having had nose jobs (citation needed)).

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