Sovietesque: Willingness to turn in or slander any one any time for any true/untrue and/or known/unknown reason(s)

Sovietesque: A term which enables to speak of certain realities without having to face the inordinately internal and domestic nature of certain practices of the present day which are fundamentally similar to practices claimed of Soviets presumed by at least some people to have constituted a legitimate object of hate or at least willingness to engage in warmaking with.

Generally speaking, the main feature of Sovietesque activities involves the willingness to turn in or slander any one any time for any true/untrue and/or known/unknown reason(s). Periodic demonstrations of willingness to self-blackmail may be of varying relevance in different Sovietesque contexts or situations, and thus are not outlined with specificity regarding type or quantity in terms of defining Sovietesque.

An example could be if some people start passing by your house or place or work or place of shopping (or even inserting signals on top of a radio station you listen to) and calling out that some colleague, friend or family member is some sort of criminal or deviant; and also in the meantime, for example, seeking some means of (potentially subtle) coercion by which in future you might be ensured to pass on the message by some essentially-covert means to all people potentially in contact with the criminal deviant. Additionally, when in the presence of the criminal deviant, to regularly remind of knowledge of said criminal deviance but only by essentially-covert means such as via ventriloquism or when not in the same space.

In the absence of demonstrated willingness to participate in upholding public safety on a continuous or at least ongoing basis, the insufficiently Sovietesque individual may be subjected to similar and/or other treatments such as may bring them to their senses.

Sovietesque (as an individual characteristic): willingness to turn in any one, any time for any/no reason (most especially ANY nominally plausible reason that is proposed).


This should be considered as fundamentally separable as a concept from the known human interest (commonly attributed to teenage girls and elderly women) in blabbing on about any old thing about some stuff that’s going on, which could include musing about potential negatives about other persons (in some cases potentially contributing to self-defining in a relatively higher position by virtue of the imbued lower position of others).

Rather, Sovietesque refers to a largely programmed dogmatic subservience toward (insert potentially reprogrammable entity/ideology here), in the act of participating in any/most suggested means of psychological hostility which has the objective of seeking and/or implementing means of degrading and/or coercing those who fail to demonstrate similar subserviencebenevolent love.

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