Indian Supreme court recognises the right of a citizen to be the master of his body and mind

A recent Indian Supreme Court decision overrules two previous decisions (from decades previous), and privacy as a fundamental right is now ruled as having a constitutional basis.

The main present relevance is Aadhaar, a biometrics-based ID scheme increasingly required for access to bank accounts, etc., which constitutes a ginormous invasion of privacy (just a wee more than name and address which was more than sufficient to develop functioning systems in the West, although the transition to “full Orwell” has proceeded at revolution-legitimizing pace in more recent days).

Some authorities want to make the biometrics mandatory for all. The courts think that violates fundamental rights.

A stated concern is that this could be used to compile spending habits of all persons, a step in mapping out the psychology of individuals, which can then be used towards various degrees and forms of mental enslavement. The extent to which this may be related to my present neighbour’s obsessions with “rape you”, “ray poo”, “ape oo”, “ay OO”, “ay your amily”, or about “get in / get out, geteh / getah, eTEH / eTAH”, psychological hostilities at entry/exit times, and other such manipulations which constitute abuse when repeated at all hours of the day … well, that is not clear to me).

More at BBC.

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