Write your own personal user’s manual to make workplace teamwork better

Various uncomfortable aspects to the notion can certainly be thought up, but … wouldn’t it be easier if people would handle you the way you want to be handled, and be able to take you at face value about specified aspects of personality (etc) which affect the way you work, including the way you work with others?

So long as you’re not composing a key which may too easily serve as a guide towards being manipulated (although very possible this would make the less-than-well-meaning motives of some other party more obvious), maybe it’s not that bad of an idea?

I suggest the following as possible items for inclusion in a personal user’s manual:

Works well when you fuck off. Unable to give a fuck about what you want if you’re watching over shoulder at every step. Open to blunt criticisms if focused on outputs, and not comprising a personal attack.

More on the notion here.

It may also be noted that those under continuous and pervasive monitoring – including organized stalking by high-tech proxy combined with electronic harassment/torture – may find that such an exercise would be painful, both in its creation, and also in the refinements of manipulations and psychological hostilities brought to bear against them. ‘What motivates you’ appears to be an eternal priority of blackmail-brainwash perpetrators.

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