The pathway to victory is paved with remote control people-puppets

In order to ensure victory, for the benefit of the nation as individuals and collectives as diverse types, a simple modification is required. A little behavioural modelling combined with neural reading and influences (ongoing feedback and control) will be all it will take to ensure maximum efficiency at the sub-step and sub-syllable level.

Naturally, this will first require bringing down all those who believe in backwards cultural hindrances which stand in the way of remote control nation, one potential quasi-meaning of “digital democracy” in the context of certain nation states which are presently requiring numerous biometric indicators to qualify for assistance (e.g., the most populous democracy, which shall remained un-named).


I certainly have similar concerns with respect to Western countries which also have ongoing electoral systems of essentially decent functioning, in the sense of risks related to diverse means of degradation of democracy which tend to be consistent with pathways to dictatorship.

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