Pathways to power survey for administration to those who interrupt public conferences and other meetings with continuous blackmail hunting by use of triggers and observing responses

1) Do you think blackmail or similar forms of coercion are acceptable means of suppressing competition or scaring away those who are not willing to participate in blackmail?

2) Would a 360 camera in every pair of underwear be an acceptable means of ending rape?

3) Are you familiar with the concept of brainwashing? (Yes/no). Would you like to make any remarks on the subject?


4) How about stealing passwords for the purpose of blackmailing people, in addition to use of the same to coercively prevent from reporting further coercion? Do you think this should be encouraged by public authorities or should some people go to prison?


5) Please specify a major event that occurred in 1939. Alternatively, you may prefer to discuss the broader circumstances which led to repeated bombing of London in the early 1940s.

6) If there is one thing that police and intelligence investigations should be focusing more time on these days, what might that be?


(Context: In 2017 it is relatively commonplace for some people to attend public conference for the purpose of making many compromising statements and then observing who responds, for the purpose of blackmail hunting. I have observed this happening at health technology conferences, information technology conferences, at police accountability review sessions and others.

It is not my job to do anything about this, but the people whose job would be to deal with this Stasi 3.0 seem to be rather preoccupied with cameras up every orifice or some such thing.)

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