Some Indians seem to have been persuaded to buy this line

(Among the extremely diverse traditions of the soon-to-be-most-populous nation on the planet) There were some fertility cults in India back in the day (perhaps including of the type that would dance around ceremoniously and then have a group orgy), and therefore any and all up to 100% complete invasion of privacy including all sexual activities or even thoughts are game as a natural, superior, and more free mode of being.

Because, as I said, there were some sex cults in India, and sex is natural, and everyone knows that India is the oldest cradle of advanced philosophy and civilization there is. QED.

(To my knowledge, however, even despite entire massive temple complexes having been built comprised of primarily naked and/or sexually positioned figures comprising most of what is there, this was not a suggestion to have 100% privacy invasions about every sexual act or thought, and the temple complex is rumoured to have served a number of purposes, most especially including its role as a place to visit for Brahman boys, who otherwise were so completely unexposed to any sexual content whatsoever that the temple complex was intended to serve as an instructive introduction to sexual awareness prior to their having a family.)

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