It would be an absurdity if it were a crime to “threaten” to seek legal recourse

It is not a crime to want to do something to stop or prevent an illegal activity (unless it is).


Twice, involving Canadians of European heritage, I’ve had approximately the following situation lead to problems where a false representation construed something as a threat.

Specifically, an illegal activity was taking place in one case and was in the process of being pre-meditated in another, and in each case I made a statement to the effect of “If you (continue with or follow through with that), then I will …”

… in both instances cutting myself off to ensure to choose words properly. Because, my intent was to say that I might take legal action or seek to have the police involved.

And then this incomplete statement was presented to police as evidence that I was “threatening” someone, with precisely zero space for possible consideration of non-threat endings to the sentence.

It would be an absurdity if it were a crime to “threaten” to seek legal recourse. Of course, if you’re cut off before you can make that specification, then the possibility exists to make any claim whatsoever.

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