Report from “Targeted Individuals Toronto” Starbucks meeting (very past tense)

One guy arrived with a second guy and inferred that he was maybe a member of a gang, or threatened by a member of a gang into silence or both.

A third guy on a phone at the other side of the Starbucks started parroting statements interspersed with his speech on a telephone conversation.

The guy on the phone then started to drect his threats towards the pair who arrived. I proposed to them to report this crime, because the nature of the threats also inferred that they themselves were criminal members belonging to organized crime, which in most situations is very real slander for career and life advanced purposes. This proposal was framed in a way to sue that third party for libel against them, and I offered to stand witness on their behalf. They seemed open to the idea, but unconfident that the result would be obtained.

No sign of an actual meeting could be found. However, at least some members of this group were present at the public session of the police accountability review last winter, where they complained about problems faced by targeted individuals about brain chips, and also to insist that if some particular question could not be answered that therefore no questions whatsoever could be answered.

Conclusion: The degree to which members of “Targeted Individuals Toronto” are organically hostile, primarily manipulated or other is unclear. What is clear, is that they are ineffective and most likely extremely counterproductive with regard to the stated objectives of the group.

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