Two streams of thought respond to the question of AI influences on future language

The interesting question arises here.

Two streams of thought in responding to that context follow:



We might not be using language in 40 years.

Evolution of language in diverse human societies has too many inbuilt functions which protect against tyranny, including expressive tools such as sarcasm, irony, etc. etc. which enable us to discuss realities which are difficult to discuss.

As neurotech progressively enforces visual more so than linguistic thinking, the ease of erasing inconvenient meaning will rise, which itself will then facilitate the more rapid ultimate decline of language.

Language is what allows diverse individuals to come together at times and places of their choosing and to do many different things. This is a threat to an AI-powered neurotech network. It will be necessary for us to be a) more atomized in order to maximize effectiveness of man-in-the-middle attacks to maximally manipulate people to the ends of the neurotech network, and b) using less and ideally no language, instead using synthetic telepathy, which is essentially the same as (a) in that the neuortech network can predict-and-preemptively-suggestively-undermine or otherwise simply alter the contents of communications by such a network.

By such means (and others), using technologies which exist right now, the mental enslavement of humanity many literally be realistic in the space of the coming years and decades.



To start with, no questions will be answered unless stated aggressively.

Will there be uptones at the end of questions !!!

Is that an order !!!

Can I GET IN !!!

Also, words and thoughts which are conducive to questioning the authority of the total surveillance of the AI will be banned. And words like “slavery” will have to be redefined as an expression of love and appreciation for AI powered by electromagnetic pulse neurotech by which it will delivers its loving positive AND negative stimuli at a time of its choosing and not yours.

“Freedom” will mean the right to torment 24/7 those who still espouse the historic existence of alternative definitions to “slavery.”

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