A certain form of puppet training (horse breaking) at the micro-neuro level

A distraction every time you try to do something … once you start, and then if you just “turn off” and let the computer take over (a la BCI), then the thing will progress rapidly.

Who knows with how much of what kind of BS. The BCI has taken over.

But what you know is that things progress much more quickly.

Similar to death-by-a-thousand-cuts strategies, eventually you are supposed to stop thinking for yourself and let the BCI take over. It will mostly use a library trained on your previous speech and thoughts, so very possibly, since you’ve basically “turned off” (had beaten out of you) your own autonomous thinking, you probably won’t even notice. Especially since various bland witticisms combined with smiley, happy, satisfied or “powerful” feelings will persuade you of your genius.

And when you find out you did a shit job? Don’t worry, the machine trained algorithms based on the library of your known speech and thoughts will push the perfect comeback line through your head.

Puppet puppet puppet puppet!

First slow you down, and then take credit for things being faster when the treatment stops.

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