The USA could build high speed rail between every city over a million, or buy 10,700 F35s per year, with the savings (!) from changing to universal public health care

Canada health care: 11% of GDP.
USA health care: 17% of GDP.

Canada average results: higher in almost all categories ( is an easily accessible source on this for a variety of indicators).

USA economy: $17.9 trillion.

Potential annual savings if the US adopts a system more like the Canadian one: $17.9 trillion * 6 percent = $1.07 trillion annually.

For $1.07 trillion annually, you could build high speed rail, for practical purposes much faster than planes for many routes due to evading TSA stupidity at the airport, between every American city over a population of one million.

Or buy 10,700 F35s per year. (Or if you do your own math instead of that provided by Lockheed Martin, plan on 1/5 as many to account for full life cycle costs.)

So … the ACA didn’t help that situation much. The proposed alternatives are worse.

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