1960s sci-fi horror or 2019 reality?

The government should retain a comprehensive library relating to what is captured from previous thought processes (harvested using one of the variety of possible means of doing so). Then, entrust an AI to clear your every passing thought through a filter, for the purpose of then making use of pain stimuli and pleasure stimuli, in conjunction with reminders of previous physical experiences and/or thought processes, to ensure maximum compliance on the long hard road to heaven.

Upon completion of certain training processes, individuals are to be accorded maximum freedom in setting further training options, for example to switch preferred settings between”work hard” and “work harder” or “be curious” and “be curioser.”

Community valuation projects can regularly provide re-education opportunities for those who have difficulties upholding the scope of “work hard” and “work harder” freedoms benevolently endowed upon them. For practical purposes, this could be something to the effect of strapping an EEG and neurostimulation helmet onto someone (much like a BCI), for neurotraining to maximize their utility to the hive until some future date where they can be benevolently re-endowed with the one-and-a-half freedoms listed above.

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