A variety of anti-unclarified tomfoolery, relating to the present situation of psychological warfare

The democratically elected government has not solved the problem/revolution yet, so we need a revolution to get rid of the democratically elected government so we can solve the revolution problem.


Any back, any stab, any back stab-boy.

Any fall, any boy, any fall fall-boy.


The meaning of “I’m going to find you” after a disagreement.


Freedom is saying whatever the fucking fuck.

While wannabe puppet masters, pockets full of sticks and carrots tailored to every person and situation, abound.

Stringless freedom anyone?


Never say if bad things are being done to you, or else those bad things will be done to you.

By this means, things will improve rapidly.


If you don’t think in the way I want you to just right now, I will interrupt you significantly.

However, when you follow what I want you to do, things will progress rapidly with minimal effort and great ease.

Don’t you see how hard it is to think for yourself? And how much easier life is when you let someone else do your thinking for you?


Many people seem to have overcome nearly every inhibition except to speak clearly about what is happening before them.

Some tricks to divert attention from this fact include (a strong contradiction to what I just said, yes) things like literally speaking out the precise actions observed in one’s vicinity. For example, to state specifically minor things about what a nearby person is doing.

But in focusing on the trees, despite pervasive awareness of the notion of a forest, active discussion of the forest appears practically banned.

“Intent, not content, is what determines culpability.”

We should be discussing the intended outcomes of a communication, and not distracting ourselves (excessively) with the thousands of cuts it may form a part of in the process.


Ever heard of the idea that those cultures which are inflexible with regard to adapting to changing circumstance have in some occasions “lost” specifically due to this unwillingness to adapt?

Therefore, if you do not adapt you will lose.

So, roll over or lose.



“You’re so stubborn”

He does not roll over. Hence, I conclude that he either likes being hit or does not like biscuits. Maybe if I hit him severely, with a lure of biscuits in the background, while making “roll over” motions?

He was too stupid to roll over. That’s why we got rid of him. I guess he just didn’t want to stick around.

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