The distinction between “taking responsibility” and “getting fucked”

“Getting fucked” is something like … someone sets you up for something minor that you did not know would be a problem, and then coming back at you with something that fucks you.

So, for example, when an individual commits a crime with objectives revolving around ill intent towards others, as compared to some minor thing with no victims (e.g., jaywalking, a minor infraction which generally has no victims, but which is banned for safety reasons), this is not “getting fucked”, this is being asked to stand as an example to the community that certain actions cannot be tolerated, and to take individual responsibility for actions, including measures towards personal betterment.

Having become deluded into believing that one can commit crimes against victims, with impunity, is not a defense.

Among many other relevant types of examples, if a gangbanger is caught committing a crime, even in a situation where they were in reality enslaved and indoctrinated by some criminal organization for purposes of performing such criminal acts, in the absence of compelling evidence which can demonstrate this slave puppet’s situation, what can be see is that a crime was committed and that some individual is unwilling to take responsibility for the facts of their own actions and intents.

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