“This is what I do” (explained)

a) I do it.

b) I won’t stop it.

c) If you ask to stop it, probably will do more of it.

d) I don’t care if it’s evil or against my own interests – I will do it because I will do it. And because I do it, I will do it some more.

e) I am a puppet. But I’m in control. I know what I’m doing but pretend to be a puppet at the same time as demonstrating ability to reject influences consistent with cognitive liberty or the avoidance of slippery slopes which lead to mental enslavement of humans in general.


(Another one along these lines is “We (______) – We WILL (_____)” or the equivalent statement from the faux-third-party of “They (______) – They WILL (_____).” As though abusive treatments of others designed towards psychological domination of others belongs to speech which is protected under any notion of “free speech” – especially when perpetrated in a manner that is highly involuntary.)

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