Explicit efforts to divide thinking processes in a manner that enables to brainwash during one thinking process at the same time as more cognitively focused on the other

One part of this is efforts to force, via combinations of negative and positive conditioning, a stronger tendency towards visualized associations and thinking processes. This may enable to more easily recall and thus manipulate associations.

Another part is to try to force, via combinations of negative and positive conditioning, an individual to be both somewhat consciously attentive to one topic/”conversation”/signal/_____ while primarily involved in the other. The main vulnerability is that one or the second (or yet others) of these sources of information or misinformation may be calibrated in a manner to intentionally manipulate thinking processes, including those related to the conversation or thinking process which the individual would like to be their primary cognitive focus.

Without getting into detail, I think it is quite clear that numerous pathways exist along these lines which are highly conducive to negative or positive conditionings to be associated with thought reform (brainwashing) processes enroute to sequentially establishing cognitive control over the progressively enslaved human who is unfortunate enough to find themselves on the receiving end of such treatments.

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