How to take over the world with 10 dedicated partners, microwave mind control data and technologies (knowing something will bear fruit), eventual access to budgets, and 50+ years on your hands

First, try to fill in the gaps for yourself. It’s not a crazy idea.

Like, actually don’t read the next bit until you’ve had a half a thought about how it could be pulled off.



A small handful of psychiatrists exiting the German Nazi regime and “forcibly” brought  into the Soviet KGB and American CIA mind control research programs might have managed to position themselves rather “advantageously” over decades which followed (presumably aided by their previous experience in manipulation), with unknown and perhaps unknowable levels of exchange and/or conspiracy among the potentially competing groups.

From there, consider having present knowledge on conditioning and brainwashing technologies, but a population with complete ignorance in such regards.

It is all the more doable when everyone thinks that “symptoms” associated with use of these weapons is synonymous with mental illness. I somewhat doubt that the decision makers in the American Psychological Association could possibly have been ignorant about the fact that the new definitions of mental illnesses which arose in the mid-1970s were exactly the same as what would be reported by victims of these technologies. For starters, it is the same field where most of the related research was being produced, and some of the most established journals that the top quacks could not have been unaware of were already publishing such research with some regularity. While there may have been a few useful idiots on the board (which extends to essentially the entire profession now), there can be little doubt that the meetings where those decisions were made were significantly driven by people who knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

Any other obvious things to point out?

Well, there are hundreds of pathways from where we were then to where we are now, now being a time where the technological possibility of the mental enslavement of humanity is apparent, in need of a political solution to an issue that no one (or very few) can openly discuss.

We need a public statement from a credible official that these technologies exist. The volumes of science that can be leaned on do not require going within 1000 miles of anything classified. But, for that matter, the inability of those areas of the state to police themselves, and also the apparent inability of other responsible organizations to police them, suggest that political leaders of today have become altogether too blinded to the empty arguments of “national security” or various analogues.

Could this be at all similar to the brainwashing whereby “hearing voices” is then synonymous with “mental illness” – or, at least was until people snapped out of their brainwashing?


“National security” = any excuse for something dumb the government does, and also, intelligence agencies can do anything they want and say “uh … national security, go away”

“Hearing voices” = you’re crazy

“People following you” = you’re crazy

“Seeing images” = you’re crazy

From there, if dragged in for an evaluation, if you refer to the quack’s “Bible”, the DSM-IV which is there diagnostic manual which contains precisely zero scientific references or information, additional evidence of “you’re crazy” can vary from talks too much or not enough, moves too much or not enough, moves in unsanctioned manners, believes things that the quack does not understand (regardless of whether or not true), and some variety of other things that should make it obvious that even the most responsible and caring of quacks could be a useful idiot on occasion.



Or … maybe it was just one crazy string of one thing after another, and either way there are likely to be a fair few cans of worms in a fair few directions if the bottom of this is to be gotten.

In the face of civilian consumer neuro-technologies increasingly making use of similar principles, it is virtually impossible to imagine that the general public will not eventually become widely aware of risks associated with such technologies and eventually demand and/or work together in processes which involve governing authority, the private sector and civil society.

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