Canada should compete as a consumer security powerhouse in IT hardware and software

Strongly enforced legislation for zero back doors, requirements for end-to-end encryption and other consumer protection standards could be a pathway to a strong and highly profitable competitive position for Canadian IT hardware and software producers

“Made in Canada” can become a stamp of consumer-oriented IT hardware and software.

To counter the pro-Orwell arguments that might lead some to think Canada should be stomped for doing something that reduces the likelihood of an Orwellian future, Canada could continue with its long legacy in actively promoting and participating in implementation of systems which controls materials which angry people might use (as opposed to implementing a draconian and Orwellian thought control state).


Note: This is basically what Blackberry was up to in a lot of ways until some American court drained them of hundreds of millions of dollars and BS licensing requirements on the basis of some patent that equivalently described the technology being used by almost every single player in the market – namely, to get text from one device to another.

So, a priori, fuck the American market. If they want the product, they will have to buy it on Canadian terms or not at all, because that’s the marketing plan. Regulators there appear to want a spy state, not consumer protection against criminals, and so any indication of willingness to water down consumer protection in order to access the US market will undermine the whole notion from the start.

Europe has many sizeable and profitable markets where democratic power has not given into the paranoid demands which lead us towards the spy state. In more highly authoritarian states where dissidents are just dragged off the prison, etc., presumably market access can be significant for many types of executives and other movers and shakers without undermining the ability of those states to mete out arbitrary abuse against political dissidents … so, maybe there can be some market access in dodgier places too.


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