Political participation in the post-truth era: will free thought or ease of brainwashing be prioritized, and by whom?

Will the emotional manipulation strategy for political communications ultimately lead to erosion of democratic preferences? Or, will disgust of the elite to the fact-free media preferences of “the masses” instead lead to increasingly oligarchic outcomes?

As political participation etc. becomes increasingly emotional and less logical/rational in strong relation to manipulative and often highly misleading political communications, and an apparently reduced interest in fact by much of the population, elitist ant-democratic views may find stronger root among those few who continue to think.

They may find it easier to uphold their ability to think by ensuring the expanded preference for independent thinking as a means of evaluation among wider segments of the population, as compared to resigning themselves to forces which dumb down the population and wash truth out of their minds. However, it is not clear whether a preference for thinking will outdo the preference for manipulations which make use of widely documented means of quasi-brainwashing.

I.e., one could frame the issue as first, an elite who would prefer an informed and politically competent populace who would recognize their freedoms and rights and want to fight for them, and in so doing uphold the ability of the pro-thinking anti-brainwashing type of elites to sustain these positive ways of doing things in a more widespread manner, and second, another sort of class of elite that wishes to dumb down the masses in a way that makes it easy to control people and their views, and most importantly, to rewrite these views and political persuasions in the minds of the general population with the shortest possible delay.

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