Words worthy of …

There be a part of reality that can use foresight to promote freedom, goodwill, and even dream to reach the other side of the universe.

It is not a rock. Not a tree. Call it an advanced monkey if you will, but we shall not be subservient to abuse, the abusive, or generally to those who would make dogs of men.

We could take destiny into our own hands. Call it what you will. Those devil Gods would plot to chain the masses to their material desires.

If words are such a big deal, then let us be advanced monkeys who put wannabe abusive zombie-maker Gods into their place.

Many advanced monkeys, who transparently strive for ever betterment which exclude no one, prevail over those who would condition and brainwash to whip in war or claim to false utopias.

How to empower a moderate ____________.


Please direct disagreement and concerns via normal means, for example via a message to my inbox. I welcome intellectual debate, not psychological warfare.

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