Why I didn’t say anything

The methods being used, if I were to describe them, are synonymous with what I would say when describing experiences of mental illnesses which prevent people from getting visas and which essentially completely destroy their credibility about anything. (I have explained this before.)

Case in point: When I finally tried to say something, that’s exactly what happened. But I would have had that quack’s license if he still tried to write me into that box that he was dying to write me into, after the direction that our conversation took. (I have explained this before, but realistically at the time, I had no reason to believe that it would have been possible to achieve anything remotely resembling justice.)


Potential solution: Psychiatrists should be required to record all interactions with patients under a process which can be credibly demonstrated to protect privacy, and can only be accessed in the case that some abuse is claimed. (This is a new idea, but I fear that people would not talk about major issues of conversations were recorded, especially since many people in the quack’s chair rightfully suffer from paranoia.)


Case in point 2: since then, a great number of people have been trying to convince me that I’m crazy (and, well, after the experiences of the last two years, it would be unbelievable to imagine that this isn’t at least partially true some of the time). (I have explained this before.)


Why I think they were trying to turn me into a 1960s Republican? Because of the things they thought I would feel ashamed about, and the strategies used to try to turn me into something that I am not (whereas on most of the divisive policy points, in fact I have very well-reasoned arguments for my position AGAINST 1960s Republican-like policy). (I have explained this before, but not with reference to a so-called “1960s Republican.”)


“We will MAKE you guilty.” (Implied: now STOP WRITING!) (I have explained this before.)


And holy shit, I never imagined so much wool could be pulled over so many eyes in the process of doing so. (I have explained this before.)

Where am I making these claims? On paper. Do me a favour and do the same. The contrary is a complete perversion of ALL foundational principles of justice. (I have made these points many times.)


Aside from the brainwashing and planting of memories and eliciting images, why people were disposed to believe that I MUST have done something really wrong: Some people were pushing me to go for it, quite a lot of people, in fact (many of which for bogus reasons because they thought they could convince me to start a “revolution” that I had nothing to do with and which could anyways incriminate me for treason), but I didn’t want it. I.e., “He must be guilty: He could probably get power and doesn’t want it.”

Case in point 3: Guess why I never wanted power/authority/high position/the stage. I know how much people suck. (I have explained this before.)


When I get what I want (some peace and quiet and a little privacy. Five minutes to myself, perhaps. Or perhaps even my entire life to live without having to worry what everything thinks if one time I say something silly or some insane thought even CROSSES my mind … )? The day I ____________. Please prove me wrong.

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