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Do Americans care that US soldiers (and families) are suing an ex-child solider?

My method for answering this question was a search of “lawsuit against Khadr”, without the quotation marks. I get to page three on a search of – lawsuit against Khadr – before I find an American source (a repost of … Continue reading

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How anti-semetic is Iran?

They have a Jewish MP, named Moreh Sedgh. Here is an interview by (March 2015) on nuclear non-proliferation and the role of the US on ongoing efforts to prevent Iran from accessing the nuclear deterrent.

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How to get your nemesis locked up with no due process

Did you know that you can call the police claiming that someone is threatening you, and the police will come and drag them off to the psych ward if they see fit? This is illegal imprisonment as far as I … Continue reading

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Why I went to India in December 2013

Since my family and friends appeared to believe a handful of stories about me, I believed that they had been essentially brainwashed into believing these rumours, made all the easier by the fact that I’m a pot-smoking atheist and they … Continue reading

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Teeny weeny goals

Study the Qur’an in its original language. Study the Vedas in their original language. Study the I-Ching using materials based on the original language. As critical documents in defining major world civilizations, my understanding is that these works cannot be … Continue reading

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Divisions in Canadian society

Some people would tend to draw divisions in Canadian society as right wing versus left wing. Others would look to religious divides, or rural/urban differences. Perhaps the East/West tensions would be the defining factor for many people. At present, I … Continue reading

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Genetic disease and embrynic research

If you could genetically engineer yourself to shit fine chocolate (or some other nice/beneficial thing), would you? That might go too far, but in any case the promise of parents’ having options to screen embryos for genetic illnesses which affect … Continue reading

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How well things are going in Egypt

The most recently elected president has been sentenced to death by a court while under military rule. If he could get enough of the vote to get elected as president as recently as June 2012, then I think it is … Continue reading

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Slippery much? Or just bad management?

With some extra time on my hands, I recently did some time in a call centre. Day 1 of training we are told that hours are Monday to Friday, 10-6, and if we ever need to take a day off … Continue reading

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Not much more freezing rain

Apparently it hit 30C in Hamilton yesterday.

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