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Regarding legal traditions which involve death for apostasy

I suggest that if a faith tradition requires the sanction of death for renouncing a faith, that they may not in fact have quite hit the nail on the head. Otherwise stated, the scripture may well be fantastic, but the … Continue reading

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How thorough were the book burnings? Did Islam save Greek philosophy?

If the Byzantines spoke Greek, then is it really plausible that it is only thanks to the Muslims that ancient Greek texts (all the famous philosphers) managed to get passed on to Renaissance Europe? My understanding has been that, after … Continue reading

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Wagging finger / Oh, the terror

Avon Breakdown x2 Interim progression x2 (humming) A little, green dragon Lives, by the sea A huffin’, and a puffin’ Down, by the sea Wagging ‘is little finger (oh what a) Terror by the sea Trash washed up from, you … Continue reading

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What kind of people should get Nobel Peace Prizes? Why?

One staunchly pro-Israel group appears to think that Herr Harper is the perfect candidate. Our prime minister applauds Israel following indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas in Lebanon in 2006. And does so again, and again. Our prime minister unapologetically and … Continue reading

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Positive and negative laws

These two concepts are slightly counterintuitive in some senses, leading me on occasion to have some right-left esque learning issues with them. “Positive law” prescribes the precise things that you can do. “Negative law” instead only specifies those things which … Continue reading

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Self pedagogies: E-learning versus tactile and questioning methods

On trade-offs between the ability to make use of large amounts of information, such as through e-readers and typing (and beyond) and the deeper level of cognition and learning involved in some traditional techniques such as writing and speaking, Art … Continue reading

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Metadata matters

American precedent has rarely been particularly influential in Canadian courts (although surely they are not impervious to the argument), and in my opinion that is a good thing. Canadian laws are written by legislators elected by Canadians and are judged … Continue reading

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Picking apples versus selling mines

Probably I could earn slightly more than the minimum wage picking apples. (In Australia I could manage about double the minimum wage when picking on contract, but here I would have to compete with the Mexicans, so probably a marginal … Continue reading

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Pre-destroying everything with carbon taxes

Taxes are evil. That’s how environmentalism pre-destroyed everything I was reading a note by Scott Summer today where he mentions four instances of both left and right flip flopping on the very foundational arguments used to justify generalized policy perspectives. … Continue reading

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Fusion losers

Who loses if fusion becomes a success tomorrow? – Economies which rely excessively on non-renewable energy. By “excessively”, I mean that the benefits in the form of “eternally” cheap energy are exceeded by the lost revenues from reserves which cost … Continue reading

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